Submit your Nominations!

We are looking to you, our members, to nominate those people that excel in their careers and make our jobs more manageable.

We are looking for those people that can hold the titles of:

  • Jail Officer of the Year
  • Jail Manager of the Year
  • Jail Support Personnel of the Year

Please review the criteria and fill out the nomination form below. Awards will be announced at the annual conference.

Jail Officer of the Year:

Recognizes the jail officer who engenders credit and honor to their facility and career. Displaying leadership and involvement in facility and community activities.

Jail Manager of the Year:

Recognizes the jail manager (i.e. supervisor, administrator, etc.) who has displayed progressive vision to their staff and career – demonstrating a documented history of service and leadership in the field of corrections.

Jail Support Personnel of the Year:

Wide open. Recognizes those support personnel that by way of their daily activity, or singular meritorious action, have advanced that which is best in the field of corrections. The recipient could be a clerk, food service worker, medical professional, volunteer, academic or law enforcement official, regardless of local, state or federal affiliation.

Award nominated for:


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