Kris Anderson

St. Croix County

About Kris

Kris Anderson

Hello, my name is Kristen (Kris) Anderson. I have been in the field of Corrections for over 20 years with the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office and I am dual certified for Jail and Patrol. During that time I have been an FTO, adjunct instructor at CVTC, CIT trained, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Program Director/Volunteer Coordinator and Captain/Jail Administrator.

I have an A.S. in Protective Service, B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management in Law Enforcement. I am also a graduate of the National Jail Leadership Command Academy.

As you can see I believe in life-long learning and look forward to being a part of an organization that brings training and professionalism to the field of Corrections.

Vice President

Kelly Devine

Barron County

About Kelly


Kelly Devine

Kelly Devine has been employed by the Barron County Sheriff’s Office since 2004. In 2012 she was promoted to Jail Sergeant. At the Barron County Jail she is the FTO Program Supervisor, Classification Supervisor, Huber Transfer Coordinator, an Intox operator and Notary.

Kelly is a member of the Wisconsin Correctional Association and the Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Association. She has been on the Wisconsin Jail Association Board of Directors since 2012.

Kelly was the Association’s treasurer for six years and currently holds the Vice President position.

Past President

Amy Vaughn

Dept. of Corrections
Office of Detention Facilities

About Amy

Amy Vaughn

Amy Vaughn has worked in Corrections for over 16 years. She has held the position of Corrections Officer, Jail Sergeant, and is currently a Detention Facilities Specialist for the Office of Detention Facilities with the Department of Corrections.

Amy has been a board member of the Wisconsin Jail Association since 2005. She has held numerous positions in the association to include Vice President, President, and Past President.


Troy Beyer

Shawano County

About Troy

Troy Beyer

Troy has been employed with the Shawano County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years. He has held the position of Corrections Officer, Jail Sergeant, and is currently a Jail Lieutenant with the department.

Troy has been a board member of the Wisconsin Jail Association since 2009. He has held numerous positions in the association to include Secretary, Vice President, President, and Past President. He currently serves as the Treasurer.


Chandler Lehrer

Washington County

About Chandler

Chandler Lehrer

Chandler Lehrer has been with Washington County since August of 2016. Since then, she has taken on a number of different roles including, Booking Officer, C.E.R.T. team member, classification officer and assists with Deceased Records. She joined the Wisconsin Jail Association in January of 2020 and shortly after took on the role of Secretary.

Jill Grieser

Dept. of Corrections

Probation and Parole
Marinette County
About Jill


Jill Grieser

Jill Grieser was employed as a corrections officer, and lead classification officer for the Shawano County Jail for 20 years. She has earned an Associate Degree in Corrections Science from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Concordia University.
She is employed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections-Division of Community Corrections as a Senior Probation & Parole Agent. She joined the WJA Board of Directors in 2012. She previously held the position of Secretary.

Tyler Edwards

Douglas County

About Tyler

John Behrent

Tyler Edwards

Tyler Edwards has been a Jail Officer with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office since 1999. He was promoted to Jail Sergeant in 2004 and held the position for the next 14 years. In 2018 he was promoted again to Lieutenant of Jail Operations and most recently in 2020 he was promoted to Captain and holds the title of Jail Administrator.
Edwards has been a member of the Wisconsin Jail Association since 2006. He has held numerous positions in the association to include interim Secretary, Vice President, President, Past President, and currently is a Board Member overseeing vendor relations.

Edwards earned his BS/BA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2005 and served in the United States Navy as a Machinist from 1994 to 1997


Shelly Sandry

Dept. of Justice

About Shelly


Shelly Sandry

After almost 12 years as a police officer, Shelly came to the Training and Standards Bureau to work with instructor certifications. After four years, she moved into the position that she currently holds as an Educational Consultant working with the Jail and Secure Juvenile Detention preparatory training curriculum.

Shelly also oversees the Officer Wellness curriculum for all the law enforcement programs and is on the PEER Support Advisory Committee through DOJ. Shelly is proud to be an advisory board member to the WJA and is a liaison from WJA to the Training and Standards Bureau.

Shelly holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice from UW-Platteville and a Masters in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix.


Nancy Thelen

Dept. of Corrections

Office of Detention Facilities

About Nancy

Nancy Thelen

Nancy Thelen

Nancy Thelen has worked in the field of Law Enforcement and Corrections for over 25 years. She has held the positions of Patrol Officer, Jail Sergeant, Jail Administrator, 911 Emergency Dispatch Center Coordinator, Department of Corrections Captain and is currently a Detention Facilities Specialist for the Office of Detention Facilities with the Department of Corrections.

Nancy enjoys working with the counties and municipalities providing technical assistance to enhance operations and promote good correctional practice.
Being on the board for the Wisconsin Jail Association is an honor and working with the committee members is a privilege. The committee has made great strides in an effort to facilitate excellent training opportunities at the Annual WJA Conference and at the additional training dates that have been provided.


William Mann

Walworth County

About William

Nancy Thelen

William Mann

William Mann, a Corrections Sergeant with the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office has been taking strides
to educate since shortly after his journey began in Corrections in 2003. Throughout his career he has
been involved in training/instructing in one way or another. He has held the position of Correctional
Officer, Correctional Training Officer (CTO), Electronic Monitoring Officer, In-service Instructor, and
currently Instructs at two Wisconsin Technical Colleges as Lead Adjunct Instructor. Although Will is
certified to instruct all Jail General Topics, his favorites are Professional Communication Skills (PCS) and
Principals Of Subject Control (P.O.S.C), of which he is a Master Instructor Trainer (M.I.T).

Will believes that real life training and instructing in Corrections helps keep officers safe, builds
confidence, and improves job satisfaction. Will enjoys connecting with those he trains and seeing their
transformation to competent officers. He is excited to part of the WJA board, and to continue assisting
in the education of officers from across the State.

Will graduated from Colorado Technical University with honors with an Associates of Science Business
Administration and is currently working on his Bachelors of Science Business Administration with an
emphasize in Public Administration.

Though Will enjoys training and education, his real passion is spending quality time with his Wife and 4
children. Will and his wife are volunteers with National Ski Patrol as Outdoor Emergency Care
Technicians at a local ski resort in all of their spare time.


Kaylan Rich

Jackson County

About Kaylan

Kaylan Rich

I am a third-generation employee of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Over the course of my employment here, which began in 2013, I have held the titles of Corrections Officer, Field Training Officer, and Jail Sergeant. I am now proudly serving in the position of Jail Administrator/ Captain of the Jackson County Jail.

I’m a graduate of the Command College Leadership Program and certified as a Jail Instructor through the Wisconsin Training and Standards Bureau. I firmly believe that continuous education and training are imperative to the field of Corrections, and it is through constant professional development that we are able to maintain the highest quality of service to our community.

Jason Gonzalez

Milwaukee County House of Correction

Chelsea Phalin

Washington County

Jestin Zacharias

Polk County

Kevin Smith

Brown County

Travis Bittelman

Marquette County

About Travis

Travis Bittleman

My name is Travis Bittelman, I have been in corrections since 2004 starting with the DOC at Columbia Correctional Institution, Portage, WI.

In 2013, I transferred employment to the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office as a Jail and Dispatch Deputy. I was promoted to Sergeant in 2015, overseeing operations in the Jail and 911/Dispatch Center.

A few of my duties include POSC/PCS Instructor, Livescan Administrator, Spillman Administrator, Huber Sergeant and most recently PREA Compliance Manager. I am a current member of the State POSC advisory committee and attended LPO session #49.

My main goals have always been the safety of the staff I work with and finding ways to streamline daily operations. I am excited to be a part of this organization and look forward to being involved in the additional training that the WJA offers to all of us in the State.

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